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Notes from her daughter, Margaret Warne of Huron, South Dakota Sept. 25,1999:

Notes from Margaret Warne:

"Since mother was born June 6, 1898 she was really only 17 at the time ofthe marriage and birth records, and would have been 18 in June of 1916.
Regarding Alma Fischer and Lillian Fischer. Alma was born March 3, 1917(but have not received an official paper on this, but it is coming).Lillian was born October 21, 1919. Both birth records have the surname"Commentz"

Mother and Chris were separated on or about January 15, 1919 and thedivorce was finalized on November 9 1920. It says two children were born(Alma age 3 and Lillian age 1) so it is possible that Lillian was Chris'schild since she was born in the middle of October. (This puzzle maynever be solved, although her obituary states she was born of Mary andChris Fischer). However, Mom and Chris Fischer were married on May 19,1921 - which if Lillian was Chris Fischer's child, it seems like alengthy wait to marry (6 months). I am inclined to think that my motherwas pregnant (newly) when she left Chris Commentz.

To the best of my knowledge, Chris Fischer never adopted these twogirls. As yet, I have found no records of adoption but will continue tolook. Regarding my mother's name, I am presently searching for baptismrecords, but it is a lenthy process as the church is no longer inexistence. To the best of my knowledge her name was Marie Minnie MarthaFrieda, but that is from family gossip. All documents are signed Mary sowill wait to see what I discover.

One thing more before closing - on your e-mail Aug, 14, 99 containing aletter from "Connie" she say's that the name she has for the Kearns isEd. That was the name that everyone knew my father by. His given namewas Ambrise Vincent but anyone who knew him called him Ed. She say's shegot the name from "Aunt Anne Kamenz". Could it be possible to find outhow this aunt knew who Ed Kearns was and if she knew him? We are lookingfor any information about his life from 1919 - 1926 when he married mymother. All we knew was that he lived in Wessington."

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